I first purchased the ICH Robotic Pool Cleaner three years ago. The first one was the 200D series after having success with this one, I purchased the second one for an outdoor pool the smaller 200.

Both cleaner has performed extremely well, keeping the pools very clean and patrons happy.

Another major reason is the service and replacement part pricing. I have used other varieties of cleaners and when it came to servicing the other pool cleaners the costs were way too high making them not very financially viable. Basically it was cheaper to replace one every 2 years with their servicing costs.

The ICH Robotic reliability has proven itself over the time here and for the small cost for servicing and if you are handy you can basically change any part that requires it yourself. I am very happy with these products and would highly recommend them to any one that requires a pool cleaner for commercial application or even the home pool.

Wayne (Aquatic operation Team Leader)
Kyneton Toyota Sports & Aquatic Centre


I purchased an I-Cleaner 200 Robotic Cleaner in September 2016, well worth the money. The I-Cleaner outperforms my other cleaner expensive well-known brand and the maintenance is easy and cheap, you can repair it yourself if needed.

Jo (Pool Centre Manager)
Pool Centre Boyup Brook 


The ICH 200 robotic cleaner we have here at Brunswick Baths does a better clean than our other 2 well-known brand cleaners. It appears to get to more areas of the pool than the other ones. The thing to be mindful of however is making sure that staff/users are taking care of them to avoid any unnecessary down time for the machine. They are also much more cost effective in terms of repairs as the other well-known brand units can be quite pricey depending on what is in need of repair. I would recommend them to other commercial or home based pool owners.

Ben (Operations Team Leader)
Brunswick Baths


Dear Glenn

Today I installed one of the new 120 I Cleaner robotic pool cleaners into one of my good customers pools.

I was told by the I Cleaner distributor that I would be amazed at the power and cleaning ability of the robot and although I was dubious I installed the machine and all I can say is WOW.

This machine is not only the most powerful robot I have seen in a domestic pool, I couldn’t believe how fast it moved around the pool and picked up every bit of dirt including sand and the many leaves including the dirt in the corners of the pool which others I have tried seemed to miss. I set the machine on a two-hour clean cycle but turned it off after an hour as the pool was spotless.

I would highly recommend the 120 I Cleaner now to all my customers as the best cleaner at a value for money price.

If any of your customers need to talk to someone that has tried this brilliant machine please don’t hesitate to give them my number.

Express Pool Cleaning.