Introducing the next generation of photometers!



PrimeLab Product code AUSPRIME

Data connection via Bluetooth – wireless technology – within seconds, similar to your smartphone in your car.

A sensor by JENCOLOR with unprecedented accuracy, able to measure all parameters where colour development is visible to the human eye after adding a reagent (visible wavelength).

Software that will offer you not only user-based management of your measurement sources (e.g. pools) and related measurement data but also offer advice on adjusting the water values back to ranges defined by you.

Software allowing you to easily upload additional parameters on your Photometer. A device that auto-calibrates itself within milliseconds at the push of a button without having to return it to the
manufacturer! Up to 120 different water test including Legionella available all tests can be downloaded from website or delivered installed, each test seperate cost. Delivery on this item is two weeks. Purchaser must contact Austail for tests required before shipping.