Industrial block 3kg (commercial)

Industrial block 3kg Price and POA.
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Industrial block 3kg POA. Please email or call Glenn mobile 0469873641

The Water Cleanser is suitable for all types of systems, to clear dirty cloudy water in both salt water or fresh water.

  • Commercial Swimming Pools..
  • Sewage Ponds and Wastewater treament
  • Canals and River Systems
  • Council Ponds and Lakes
  • Fish Farms
  • Marron Farms
  • Farm Dams and Water Troughs.

The Water Cleanser acts as a natural catalyst, accelerating the breeding of beneficial microbes. Present in all bodies of water, these microbes remain dormant in nature until triggered by an energy source. The microbes regard The Water Cleanser as an energy source, allowing them to breed in mass numbers; they then go forth and eat organic waste in the water.

The microbes gain plenty of energy from The Water Cleanser, enabling them to eat organic waste at twice the speed of bacteria, therefore speeding up the natural process of cleaning the water.

Most importantly where bacteria require large amounts of oxygen, these microbes do not require oxygen to consume organic material. This results in oxygen that otherwise would be dispelled by bacteria being regained back into the water and soil. The oxygenation of your soil and the stopping of the toxic dead zone (smelly mud) soil is the key to complete wetland recovery of any lake or river.

Over 12 months we have seen canals, lakes and dams go from smelly, dirty and with no wildlife to a clean and healthy environments; full of frogs, fish and crustaceans. Once these microbes are established they are very easy to maintain in numbers with the Water Cleanser blocks.

Side effects: There are no known side effects of this product.
APVMA (Agricultural and Veterinarian Chemical Codes Act (2009/2011). Under this code this product does not require registration.