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Professional water testing for pool and spa owners

With the PoolLab Photometer maintaining your pool or spa water has never been easier.

In-built but changeable cuvette allows quick water sampling by just dipping in the IP68 waterproof PoolLab.

Once test results are synchronised, software and app allow dosage recommendations, based on individually entered water treatment chemicals. User can print test result reports, perform index calculation, such as LSI, and much more. A free cloud server takes care that data on app and software are constantly synchronised, if the user decides to use this feature.

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Discover Alex, your new friend in the garden

Let Alex take care of your lawn, your new best friend will completely work on his own and in complete safety.

Alex the robot lawn mower features an exclusive safe blade system that recognises the grass (and only cuts grass). An intelligent blade that perfectly cuts only the grass surface thanks to the unique and innovative shape of the blade.

With Alex around you no longer have to push the lawnmower, collect the grass or throw it way. Leaving you more free time.

Installation and maintenance is simple via a user-friendly display that makes programming easy. Alex does it all. He detects obstacles. Returns to the charging station when battery is low. Also he can also work in the rain, but can return to the station (by activating the special “rain sensor” function).

He works in silence therefore he can work during the day or night. And he can handle slopes of up to 45%. It can manage any shape of garden.

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Relax, marlin will take care of everything.

Until now, you were the one who cleaned the pool or managed and took care of the pool-cleaning robot. Time to relax, because you don’t have to worry about this anymore With MARLIN.


Marlin has no wires or cables.
It stays in the water all the time.
Comes with a smart filter.

And you don’t have to cover the pool.


Immediate installation In new or existing swimming pools.
Has a Intuitive programming via an app.


Efficient in pools with uneven edges and bottoms.
Designed to provide maximum reliability with no noise.